A group of personnel who gathers to perform music for functions of the military is called Military Band. Percussion and wind are the most typical military band's instruments. The conductor of the band or the person who conducts the band will be known as a Director of Music or simply Bandmaster. It is believed that the oldest variety of military band in the world is the Ottoman military band, which dates back to the 13 century. It is necessary for a military band to be capable to play marching music and ceremonial music, which also includes the patriotic songs and the national anthems of not only their own country but also others as well, both as a marching band and also as stationary. Even a part of the funeral ceremonies is played by Military bands. In historical traditions mainly there are two types of military bands. They play music that includes bulges or other such natural musical instruments like natural horns or natural trumpets, fifes, bagpipes, and drums. These types of music are used to entertain as well as to control the troops on the battlefield. The development of the instruments like saxhorn or the keyed trumpet, the brass and woodwind military band was formed by the later tradition.