Church band or alternatively known as Church Choir is a gospel music. Gospel music is a typical genre of Christian music. The significance, creation, performance, and even the definition of the gospel music or the choir vary according to the social context and the culture. Choir or a church band will compose and perform for various purposes, including ceremonial or religious purposes, aesthetic pleasure, and also as an entertainment product. In a response and call fashion, sacred songs and hymns are often repeated. Most of the time churches rely on clapping of hand and stomping of the foot as an accompaniment of rhythm. Churches have various musical instruments to support the choir and that is called often called as a Church band. A church band consists of many musical instruments, such as trumpets, drums, pipe organs, saxophone, drums, guitar and a piano. Usually, a church band will contain a lead and many members who follow their leader. Bands will have a deep knowledge of the notes and keynotes of the music and also the rhythms of the hymns and the pitches of the songs. Some songs require slow pitches and others require high. And there are occasional songs like Christmas songs and other songs.