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Music can be defined as an art and cultural form of activity, which has a sound as its medium and that should be organized in time. Music doesn't belong to any geographical location, although it can vary according to the places and cultures. Pitch, which take control of harmony and melody, rhythm and its associated concepts of meter, articulation and tempo, dynamics that is related to the softness and loudness, and the sonic qualities of the texture and timbre (often termed as the ‘color' of the sound of the music) are the common elements of music. Music often consists of different styles and types, and may or may not omit, emphasize or de-emphasize some these elements. Music is performed with a wide range of musical instruments and techniques of the vocal can range from rapping to singing. There is music that is solely done by instruments and is solely done by the vocal (songs that are sung without any musical instruments), and music that combines both instruments and singing. And the word ‘music' derived from Greek, which means ‘art of the muses'. The activities of music describe it as a cultural activity or an art form that includes the creative works of the music, such as tunes, songs, symphonies and many others.

Music is divided into categories that are called genres, example; rock, indie, jazz, etc, and can be divided further into subgenres, like country and pop country and etc. Even though the criteria and the characteristics of music different and more subtle to distinguish, sometimes it needs personal interpretation to distinguish the genres. In an orchestra performance or a rock concert music will be sung or played live, hearing a live concert is a part of a work which is dramatic, like in an opera or in a music theater), or it can be recorded in a memory place like, pen drive, MP3 player, radio, smart phone, CD player, in a TV show or a part of a movie. is a part of a work which is dramatic, like in an opera or in a music theater), or it can be recorded in a memory place like, pen drive, MP3 player, radio, smart phone, CD player, in a TV show or a part of a movie.

Music plays an important part of the people's life, in many cultures. And it plays an even major role in ceremonies (marriage and graduation) and religious rituals, cultural activities that range widely from playing to singing karaoke or in a community choir. Music and songs that sung by singers and professionals live will be called as a concert. A concert is a music performance that is done live in front of the audience. The performance can be done by a single musician or by a group of musicians, such as a band, choir, or an orchestra. Concerts can be held in a wide size and variety of settings, from small nightclubs and private houses, dedicated concert halls, or even in parks, arenas, and a sports stadium to seat a large number of crowds. Concerts that are held indoors are called indoor concerts, amphitheater concerts or arena concerts. Show and gig are words that mean concerts, informally. Regardless of the city and venue, musicians usually sing and perform on the stage. With professional audio equipment and electricity, concerts usually require live event support. Before the invention of music recording system, concerts were the prominent opportunity to listen musicians play.

According to the genre of the music, individual performers, and the venue, the nature of the concert varies. Concerts of small bluegrass band or a small jazz combo may have the same mood, volume, and even the order of the program, but vary in dress and music. Similarly, a particular genre of music, band or musician may attract the concert audience with similar behavior, dress, and hairstyle. For instance, the concert goers in the year of 1960s had long hair or occasionally had a dreadlock form of hairstyle, inexpensive dress, which is made of natural fibers, and sandals. Regular audience and attendees of the concert venue might also go with a style that is recognizable and similar to the singers and the venue's scene. Some groups, singers or performers conduct expensive and very elaborate shows. Performers include additional devices for entertainments frequently. These additional devices may include electronic imagery (IMAG) system, stage lighting, pre-recorded or system video, other set pieces like artwork, inflatable sets, and various special effects such as pyrotechnics, fog and theatrical smoke and unusual wardrobe or costumes.

Music has become a mandatory one in each and every one’s life. It helps to improve our mind from the stress. At the same time, it enhances our understanding ability and makes us be more creative. This effective tool is used to develop our capability and the folks used to enjoy it. On the other side of the flip it can easily play with our emotions, the major reason is that it acts as a stress buster especially when listening to the sad songs. There are several types of music which can cheer up us and changes our mood in just a few seconds. It is a good choice for the folks who are depressed because it can make them feel calm, happy and tension free. On the other side of the flip, it develops the skills of the children and makes them feel free at the same time.


Haste Music Band FAQs

How do I check the availability?

Kindly contact our team manager with all the necessary details such as the date of the event, time, location and the total number of musicians required. We will instantly respond with a message within 24 hours.

How many musicians are in your band?

We are customized to meet the needs of your event. Trio, Quartet, Vocalists and the Soloists are also available.

At what time do you arrive for the set-up?

We arrive 30-45 minutes ahead of the contacted start time. The earlier load is also possible but we incur an additional cost.

What if we need you to play longer than we are contracted for?

It is simple to consult our manager to hash out the details. We will enhance to the revised invoice before being sent to you.

What are the different forms of payment?

We accept different forms of the payment such as credit cards, cheque, Cash Venmo or PayPal.

What type of music do you play?

Jazz, concert and any type what do you prefer. Our main aim is to satisfy the customer’s satisfaction.

How can I book your band?

First, you have to sign a contract for the event with a thirty percent deposit in order to save the date.

About Haste musicz

Haste music is a musical band that primarily plays music as a group. We do any kind of music like am band, Jazz band, Concert band, School band and other sorts of the musical band. We are best in our own way and uniqueness and we are a pioneer in this field. We as a group or as a band will conduct and play music in respective of the occasion. We do all genres of music even like rock, indie, metal and other sorts of genres too. We have a lead and many band members who have excelled in the field of music.